The Selects Commitment

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Selects Football operates under theses guiding principles:

  • Our idea from day 1 has been to provide a training program for Canadian youth football players that would allow them to work towards their goals of a future in football.
  • We strive for excellence in effort as well as in skill, and we will dedicate ourselves to helping players strengthen their inner drive.
  • We want to be the premier program for young football players looking to improve on skills.
  • We provide an intense training regime and the opportunity to play 11-man football and to compete internationally.
  • We are excited about the future of our Selects’ players and to see where their training can take them and we will strive to help them reach their goals.
  • Community is important to us, and we value the relationships we form with our membership.
  • We strive for open communication with everyone involved from coaches to trainers to players and families.

The commitment that we make to players is to develop them in four different aspects of football:

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Mentally strong                                  Clear in vision                                                                  Sense of purpose

Teamwork                                            Friendship                                                                        Battling the odds

Bonding                              Determination to constantly improve                                                      Sacrifices





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In Selects’, we share a common purpose and a comraderie though a shared love of football.

Sharing               Belonging               Bonding               Family

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