The Selects Story

We love football. Football is more than just a game to us.

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At Selects, we believe that no lessons will ever compare to the lessons that the game of football can teach and that passion for football is unifying.  Football teaches the importance of both individual effort as well as teamwork.  It teaches the importance of collective goals, shared meaning and common values, as each player on the field must think as one and move as one to be successful.  Football inspires greatness by instilling a sense of purpose as well as the competitive drive for success.  Football players know and understand the importance of working hard in order to make dreams come true.

We want to challenge Selects’ players to ask themselves how their passion for football can connect to their goals for the future. We believe this will come through practice, training, and commitment.

At Selects, we all come to work because we want to help Canadian youth achieve their goals, not only in the sport of football, but in life.  Football teaches players lessons in the value of competition and in the importance of discipline and hard work.  It also teaches players not only to lead, but also how to follow and how to be accountable.  For elite football players, young men and women must learn the value of commitment to practice and the need for sacrifice in order to accomplish something bigger.  Today we provide opportunities for players to participate in a variety of intensive training programs that are oriented to provide players to form their own goals and then to realize them.

Good things come from hard work and perseverance.  We are excited to challenge our youth and to help them work towards their goals.

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Our Founding

Selects Football was founded by Zeljko and Deb Stefanovic in 2012.  The program started with one 12U Football team.  Thirty-three young Saskatchewan football players trained through the winter and travelled to San Antonio, Texas, to compete in the International Pigskin Football Tournament in February 2013.  Since then, the program has thrived, and winter football in Saskatchewan has become a reality, offering players a chance to train for an extended season and to be able to pit their talent against our neighbours in the south.

Since 2012, Selects’ football has grown from one 12U group of players, to between four and six teams each year.  Selects’ teams have competed in San Antonio Texas, Dallas Texas, and Fort Lauderdale Florida.  In the 2017-18 season, the Saskatchewan Selects was joined by two Manitoba Selects’ teams that competed in the first Inter-Provincial Selects’ Bowl, and also travelled to San Antonio to compete in the International Pigskin Tournament in February 2018.

Selects Football offers a new and exciting opportunity for youth football players to train and compete throughout the Canadian winter.  Interested?