The Selects Team

Zeljko Stefanovic
Co-founder and Director of Operations

Zeljko’s focus and passion is centred around two primary ideologies.

The first is the elevation of football throughout all the ages. Zeljko believes that regardless of age, experience, caliber, techniques or ideologies, football should be available to all who are willing to learn.

If it is your first time putting on a helmet, or if you are being heavily recruited by NCAA and Sport Universities, all will be taught the techniques that have helped professional and elite athletes like our coaches find success. From this, comes Zeljko’s passion for Canadian football talent.

It is evident through everything emphasized that he believes more Canadian athletes should not only be part of CFL rosters, but should be playing and contributing on every down.

It is through the emphasis of high-level coaching through all ages that Zeljko hopes to place more Canadian athletes in the Canadian Football League.

Zeljko’s favourite part of football is the end result of preparation. Regardless of the outcome, the benefit of seeing hours of practice on the field and off is an exhilarating experience that he believes is the greatest reward as coach is gifted.

To see all of the hard work pay off, even if it is just a proper technique here or an obvious sign of maturation, there is nothing like seeing the successful development of a young athlete.

Deb Stefanovic
Co-founder and Director of Administration

Deb’s focus and passion is centred around the amazing relationships developed through all aspects of the game of football. It is Deb’s belief that football can be an enormous advantage for not only the athletes who step on the football
field, but for all who are involved; friends and family alike.

Her realization took root throughout the childhood of her three boys. Through football, she saw advantages in developing friendships, as well as how important the mentorship given from the coaches to the players was in her children’s lives.

She is also grateful for the relationships formed with other parents throughout the process. Through sharing the highs and lows, the relationships Deb has formed with other parents have been ones that she will cherish for the rest of her life.

Deb’s favourite part of football is seeing the enjoyment of the parents after they are able to watch their kids perform. She understands the immense time commitment that is the Selects’ program, and all football programs for that matter.

“There is nothing like seeing the smiles of the families once all of our hard work is over. Being mixed with the passion of all of our parents is so unique. I cherish every moment of our football program, but the passion and collective effervescence shared by all parents in the stands rises above all other experiences.”

Steve Sombach
Technical Director

Steve’s focus and passion centre around making a difference. The end game in everything is to leave people better off than when you first encountered them.

He believes that if you focus on making a positive difference, great things will happen.

Steve’s favourite part of football is, in fact, making a difference. As a young player, his coaches made a difference in how he approaches life. As a coach in Regina Minor Football, Regina High School Football and Selects, football has been all about making a difference in the lives of the football players he has coached. A football player has to be smart, hardworking, passionate, assertive and aggressive to make a difference to the team.

So whether it be as a coach or a player, the difference between what you start with and what you end up with at the end of the season, is so very rewarding…. and so much fun.

Michelle Al-Katib
Team Administrator

Michelle’s focus and passion in the Selects’ program is on keeping things organized so that the program is an enjoyable experience for everybody.

Michelle’s favourite part of football is seeing the pure joy when the kids succeed. It’s not just winning, it’s when something has been really challenging for one of the players, and they are finally able to master it. It’s about succeeding through a process with dedication and determination, and finding the value in that.

Matt Sheridan
Coaching Coordinator/Hudl

Matt’s focus and passion is developing complete athletes and helping an ambitious youngster understand and follow through on all the elements necessary for success.

Matt’s favourite part of football, other than being encouraged to holler at other people’s children (😉 ), is watching the metamorphosis of young athletes who apply themselves and commit to following their dreams.

Marc Smith
Media Relations

Marc’s focus and passion is on telling the stories of young athletes, like the Selects players.

Marc’s favourite part of football is the team work that it takes to create a successful team.

Barb White

Barb’s focus and passion lies in seeing young athletes have the opportunity to improve their skills each day. Through interactions with many of the coaches, she sees the passion and commitment they bring to the Selects programs. She loves to see the young athletes progress and grow, reaching higher levels every day. Her passion lies in seeing the improvement from when they first start the program to when they compete in the tournament at the end.

Barb’s favourite part of football is the opportunity she has to witness athletes of all ages grow and become part of a team. From her personal experience with her family, she knows that through football, kids of all ages will make memories that will last them for all of their lives.